Anonymous asked : ''realism and Grey’s anatomy don’t really go together'' what do you mean?

A lot of things that happen & the way things are on Grey’s isn’t realistic in today’s world. Which is of course the same for a lot of TV, especially medical based shows.

Anonymous asked : So, mer is about 32 during the pilot, right? Why would she take take that long to start working as a doc? How old is callie and arizona? Arizona must be older, cause she is already a qualified surgeon when callie was a 5th year resident.

Realism and Grey’s anatomy don’t really go together. Ages included.

It’s hard to say how old each character was supposed to be.. As far as Meredith goes, I believe she was aimed to be in her mid-late 20s starting out. Whereas Callie and Arizona doctor wise speaking, they would be much older yes. In the real world that is!

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Anonymous asked : Why did Mer lived in Boston before she moved to Seattle?

She did?

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10 days.

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Suggestions welcome!

Before the blog gets running again as usual, when season 11 begins..

I want to open the blog to everyone for suggestions of changes you might like to see, or posts you would wish for. ANYTHING. Just send me a message- or even respond here.. of your thoughts, I’d love feedback to make the blog the best possible. If you’d like to go anonymous that’s totally fine. I won’t post them unless I have a response. And if I like the idea, I’ll add it in. Or think about doing a change to the blog.

Thank you!

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greys-castle asked : Do you know of any greys fanfiction tumblrs?

I do not.

but I’ll open this up to followers, in case any follow me and can respond.. or any fans of ones know- reply!

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WHERE TO WATCH - mega post

I constantly get messages of where to watch episodes. Time has come I post everywhere I know to watch, and or have heard of.

Let’s begin.

If you are willing to PAY- (with these options you will get 100% quality, and legal streams. Maybe some ads, but no viruses) And last note, these are not all pay; a lot are actually free when you’re within the country. Ones marked with * have a free option when you are within the country! Here are your options..



  1. ABC*
  2. Hulu (has some free episodes)
  3. TVmuse (This also has live streaming.)



  1. iTunes - link is for US iTunes
  2. USTVnow - get some free channels, more access for a subscription.

If you want free streams - (expect to be bombarded with ads, pop-ups, and possibly viruses if you aren’t protected and aware.)

For these options I will not guarantee sites will remain active, or every episode will work. I didn’t want to really look too much into them since I’m not a fan of all the pop-ups. Most of these sites are US based, so I’m not sure if it will work wherever you are watching from.

Coke And Popcorn - Pay & free options. Also has different domains.

CouchTuner - This is a Spanish based website. But has different options of sites to watch.

Cucirca - This is an EU website.

WatchSeries - Shares many different places to watch.

ch131 - Simple site with not as many pop-ups.

TVlinks - Another simple site, with still basic pop-ups.

Project-free-tv - Site with lots of options to view, with feedback.

TVPC - This is a LIVE streaming site - you won’t find old episodes here.

USTVnow - This is a well known LIVE streaming site - is known to work worldwide. You can watch free, and you can also access more with a subscription.

(this will be edited whenever I find new places to watch, so keep it bookmarked!)

If you know of a good one that you don’t see posted, please let me know!


Anonymous asked : wait, first year in college or first year working as an intern? Whats your biggest inspiration from the show? good luck!! :)

This is my first year in medical school.

Hmm, truthfully? I’m not sure I had much medical inspiration from the show towards my career. I started watching it more for the drama show it is.. but the medical side was a bonus. I do love the relationship they show from doctors to patients, and that has always been an inspiration- it’s what I love most. Plus! I’d love to have some Cristina Yang determination. I’ve always really loved her doctor character.

And thank you! And extra thank you’s to those who have sent their well wishes. Much appreciated.

Anonymous asked : what are you expecting from season 11? :) are you studying to be a surgeon too?

A lot of Meredith! With her new half sister coming into play, I think it will be back to a Grey’s season.

And yes, I am! I actually start my first year next week..