Anonymous asked : what are you expecting from season 11? :) are you studying to be a surgeon too?

A lot of Meredith! With her new half sister coming into play, I think it will be back to a Grey’s season.

And yes, I am! I actually start my first year next week..

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"We’re all susceptible to it, the dread and anxiety of not knowing what’s coming. It’s pointless in the end, because all the worrying and the making of plans for things that could or could not happen, it only makes things worse. So walk your dog or take a nap. Just whatever you do, stop worrying. Because the only cure for paranoia is to be here, just as you are"
— (via greysanatomy)
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Anonymous asked : what do you think about the whole callie/arizona situation? do you think we'll finally see them happy this season?

Truthfully, I don’t even remember what happened to them. I tend to forget tv storylines the day after haha.

But, I do think the writers will give them a happy life again. Eventually.

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Anonymous asked : Where can I watch episodes for free!

Where do you live?

The network that Grey’s would be broadcast in your country, usually has them to stream on their websites. Such as ABC or CTV.

If that’s not an option, I would recommend Coke & Popcorn or WatchSeriesEU and WatchTVSeries (which in my opinion is the best one.)

And there will be pop-ups. I won’t be researching these things as much anymore because of it, instead I’ll go off what people tell me work well.

With that being said, I’m still making a mega post of where to watch, so if you do have suggestions please let me know so I can add them!

Anonymous asked : Hey :) do you know where can i watch that interview when jessica says "the answer is tequila"? I cant find it anywhere :( thank you


Everywhere I search the video has been removed, I’m assuming for copyright. And Jimmy Kimmel’s channel doesn’t have it (not that I could find anyways).

Maybe a follower knows where one is and can reply!

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During the Muslim holiday, explosions in Gaza damage a hospital and a park killing 10, eight of them children - another series by Carolyn Cole

A day when children should be receiving gifts, and being showered with love from their parents.. are instead being mourned by their parents.

This, is their Eid. 

Being absent from this blog is mainly due to summer hiatus- but I wanted to share some other stuff I post on my other blogs.. Educate yourself, then educate others. It’s the least we can do.