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This was therapeutic.



This was therapeutic.


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Thoughts on finale

Now before I start this, I want to say. Just because I run this blog doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with the things the show does. And these are my opinions.

I really disliked it.

Anti climactic and disappointing.

I really don’t even know where to begin. The beginning I actually loved, it was really well done.

But then started Lexie and all that..

Not only was I disappointed, I was embarrassed for the show. It was an overall badly done episode.

You look at George’s death, Denny’s death.. In comparison to Lexies?! Wow. I cried rivers during both of theirs.

To kill the character off in the first 20 minutes, and not really even show it. No show of her heartbeat gone, just bam next thing. I did love the script between her and Mark, just I excepted her to make it after that..

I really didn’t cry. When Lexie was actually ‘dying’ mostly becuase I didn’t believe it, it didn’t seem real enough to me, so it didnt hit me. I actually thought she didn’t die until about 2 hours after when I saw Shonda’s tweet- I thougth she maybe was in a coma or something. I got choked up at seeing mark. (Kudos to Eric Dane, great acting) But thats it. You dont kill a character off that early. Especially with a couple that was as strong as they were.


I literally have stayed with this show because of her and Mark. I love Yang, but she was never enough to keep me on the show. I lived through Lexie, I saw so much of my life through her. Her situation. Everything.

It blew me away that they would switch back to the hospital where I had to listen to April blabber about her feelings for 7 minutes. OR listen to Bailey and her guy. Not in a finale situation like this.

The other thing that pissed me off is that they didn’t even find out back at the hospital in the finale episode. I mean common. That would have at least made being back at the hospital exciting.

One thing I want to make clear, is Shonda isn’t the only one to be pissed at- okay maybe you can be pissed at her, but I think you have to have some understanding. It’s hard being a creator. When the contracts were renewed last last minute. Which is why I kind of am a little bit letting go the finale, there was probably different versions of it. I can’t judge when I have no idea what happens from behind the scenes, I just know from a fans point of view I was just sitting at the end of it like.. ‘what…thats it?!’

But yes, I will get over it in the next day haha. I try not to get too emotionally in tact with shows like this. Especially Grey’s. I learned after Denny.

If I was to say grade this, or give it a mark. It would barely pass.

And less we move on.

I guess I must get on with reblogging, should be appearing soonish.

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